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Toshiba Gaming Laptops Under $500

Each gaming system has its ups and downs, there are both advantages and disadvantages of each system and when it comes to gaming laptops often that disadvantage is within the cost of the system you are purchasing.

Sure you get great graphics, lots of space, most of which you will never use anyway, and a fast system, but without more money to invest in the games you want, it will mean nothing to you. But there are Toshiba gaming laptops under $500 that will allow you to still play the games you want on a good system without having to give up too much in the process.

These Toshiba gaming laptops under $500 include the following:

Toshiba Satellite C875D-S7330

  • 17.3-Inch Screen
  • AMD A-Series Dual-Core A4-4300M 2.50 GHz
  • AMD Radeon HD 7420G
  • 4 GB SDRAM
  • 500 GB 5400 Hard Drive

One of the better Toshiba laptops under the $500 range, it too has a larger screen with a slightly better graphics card. This is more of the newer version Satellite and it is built to impress without costing you a fortune in the process.

Toshiba L75D-A7283

  • 17 inch screen
  • Quad-core A4 CPU*
  • GB of RAM
  • AMD Radeon HD 8330 graphics card
  • priced just under $500

A large screen with a decent graphics card allows you to play older games as well as some of the newer ones as well. It’s a great way to see everything in a larger screen without having to give up too much cash in the process.

Toshiba Satellite C55-A5245

  • Intel Core i3
  • Integrated Intel HD 4000 chip
  • 500 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
  • 15.6 inch screen
  • priced around $429

One of the cheapest gaming laptops it doesn’t come with a high end named graphics, or a large screen but it does play many games just as well. With a few tweaks to the main resolution screen on newer games you can enjoy those as well. While the shelf price is just over the $400 range, watch for specials and you can find it much lower. These gaming laptops can cost you so much that you are left with no room to purchase anything else, such as the games you want to enjoy on them in the first place.


Toshiba Gaming Laptops Under $1000

Consumers just do not buy laptop computers for conducting business or completing school work. They also buy them for gaming. The world of gaming is a big draw for millions of people all over the world and having the right type of laptop model is needed to get the most experience from games. Here are some of the most popular Toshiba gaming laptop units available on the market.

Serious gamers should consider the Toshiba Qosmio X775-3DV80 3D-Ready Notebook. This is a large and powerful Toshiba laptop computer that has a 17.3 inch screen. It has 8 GB RAM, 500 GB drive, Intel CPU processor and a NVIDIA GPU which allow 3D games to come to life. The screen is brilliant and has great detail. Users can also switch from the 3D view to 2D images. This is a perfect machine for serious gamers who want performance, power and flexibility. The Qosmio retails for $995.99.

The Toshiba Satellite S55-A5279 is an all-purpose entertainment PC offering smart performance, design and technologies for gamers that want more control from their product. Gamers can fine tune this laptop to make their games more exciting to play and watch. It is equipped with a Core i7 2.4 GHz processor, 1 TB HDD, Windows 8 OS and a 15.6 inch screen. It also has 8 GB RAM. Gamers that are interested in paying for this computer can expect to pay $866.99.

First up is the Toshiba Satellite P50-AST3GX1, this laptop model contains the Windows 8 OS and a large 15.6 inch monitor. The unit has 12 GB RAM, 1 TB drive and a Core i7-4700MQ Processor. This unit is designed to crank out power and speed which means gamers will not have to worry about game lag and slow-moving characters when they are engaging in online competitions or game play. The Satellite P50 is priced at $979.99.

The Toshiba Satellite Laptop with an Intel Core i3 has a I33110M Processor, is equipped with the Windows 8 OS and has a 15.6 inch screen. This unit is designed for the budget conscious user could want. It has basic power, portability and performance and all for a great price. Consumers can purchase this product for $549.

These are some of the best Toshiba Gaming Laptops Under $1000 that consumers can purchase to get the most experience from online competitions and game play.


Nvidia Gaming Laptops Under $1000

NVIDIA gaming laptop is used primarily to play games on, even though it has the capacity to do other things as well. When a gamer is looking for a good gaming laptop there are several factors that they have to consider. Does it have a fast processor, at least fast enough to handle the games they enjoy playing on it. Does it have enough RAM and hardrive space to store the data and process it properly? Does the graphics card read well enough and handle the fantastic graphics that most games have these days? And of course there is always the price to consider.

Nvidia is often the choice by most gamers to have in their graphics area. Not only is the company reliable when it comes to their graphics cards, but they make many other aspects of the gaming industry that much better. There are several Nvidia gaming laptops under $1000 that can answer yes to all of these questions, making the choice for gamers that much easier. These laptops include the following models:

ASUS X550LB-NH52 is under $900 and this laptop has 8 GB memory, a 15.6 inch screen, 750GB HDD, and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M graphics card.

ASUS N550JV-DB71, also just under the $1000 price tag, contains a 15.6 inch screen, 8GB memory, 1TB HDD, and NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M graphics card.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P Gaming Laptop, another laptop also just under the $1000 range. Contains a duel slot GeForce GT 755M graphics card, 15.6 inch screen, and 1TB hard drive with 8GB SSD.

Acer Aspire V3-772G-9402, is just under $1000, with a 17.3 inch screen, 12GB RAM and 500GB hard drive, and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760M graphics card. The largest screen in a laptop for a great price.

As you can see there are many options available when you are looking for Nvidia gaming laptops under $1000. Save money and enjoy your games!


Top FPS Games for Cheap Gaming Laptops

Despite the specs on the cheaper range of laptops, you will be surprised how well many of the best FPS games run smoothly. There are a number of cheap gaming laptops capable of running the most furious FPS games.

You can pick up gaming laptops for under $1000 and there are fairly decent gaming laptops under $500. Before browsing over some hardware choices here are some FPS game choices.

1. Half Life 2 on Steam

If you like impressive and immersive gameplay mixed with excellent storytelling, this game will hook you to your screen. It remains popular after so many years as the graphics still visually hold up to expectations. There are a number of steam games from the last decade, but this is one of the few games still able to satisfy the visual needs of today’s gamer. As Gordon Freeman, you wander through a dystopian Earth battling to save humanity from the vicious empire called the Combine. Expect all kinds of fast action shootouts and striking weapons and often complex puzzles.

2. Left 4 Dead 2

This cooperative first person shooter places you in front of 1000s of marauding zombies. This holds it own as one of the top FPS Games for cheap gaming laptops. Set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, you control four heroes or survivors. You can let the computer AI control three of the heroes while you manage one of them or try the multiplayer mode.

3. Titanfall

This FPS game offers a truly manic experience with up to 50 characters active in one game. You control mechs or Titans taking the role of a pilot and you take part in six-on-six matches. The gameplay shows a vast amount of graphical detail with fast-moving soldiers and pace that makes the game popular. Any non-player activity is held in the cloud optimising the performance of your cheap graphics card.

Other games recommended for the below laptops are ZombiU, Counterstrike, Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3 and Bioshock.

Cheap Gaming Laptops To Choose – Bang For Your Buck

1. The Lenovo G505s 59406417 laptop

This laptop priced at just $449 offers a 15.6 inch screen and a quad core 2.5 GHz processor. The rather nice and stable Radeon HD 8650G graphics chip is supported by 6GB of chunky RAM. The laptop will give you the quality needed to play the above games.

2. Acer Aspire V5-552-X814 Laptop

This lightweight machine offer a strong spec list for your gaming needs despite the price tag of $489. The Quad core AMD chip often only seen in higher priced computers comes coupled with the Radeon HD 8650G card. So, expect fine graphic quality and stable frame rates. This is really a top budget option.

So, there you go, grab a deal and play the best FPS games available.


Best 17-inch Cheap Gaming Laptops

When a gamer wants a gaming laptop with a larger screen they are often forced to pay more money than they want to. But there are cheaper alternatives that don’t have you sacrifice your wallet for your gaming needs. Some of the best 17-inch cheap gaming laptops include the following;

The Acer Aspire V3-772G-9829 17.3 inch laptop is found just under the thousand dollar range and is worth every penny. With the large screen to show off the NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M Graphics this laptop is sure to be a hit for your gaming needs, in your home or away from it. Supported with a 4th generation Haswell Intel Core i7-4702MQ moving at 2 GHz with a Turbo Boost up to 3.2 GHz it has the speed to keep up with your gaming needs. Watch the sales and find it lower than nine hundred!

The Acer Aspire V3-772G-9653 is also a 17.3 inch laptop. however you might want to be mindful of the sales with this one. This one on average runs a bit over the thousand dollar range but is easily found on specials for under that. An upgraded version of the previous model this one contains the same features but with a Class 1 NVidia GeForce GTX 760M for more intense graphics and gaming fun.

In the five hundred dollar range a person can find the HP Pavilion G7-2243us laptop. While it is not nearly as powerful as the previous two laptops it’s a great little laptop for gamers to start off with. It runs with a 1.9GHz up to 2.8GHz AMD Quad-Core A8-4500M Accelerated Processor and contains a RAM of 6GB DDR3 SDRAM. The video processor is still good using an AMD Radeon HD 7640G Discrete-Class graphics. This gaming laptop might be one of the lower range models, but it still gives a kick when playing a game.

As you can see a good gaming laptop can be found at great prices, it all just takes a little shopping around to find them. The best 17-inch cheap gaming laptops are always found less than a thousand and when you know when and where to look, can be found at half that price.


ASUS Gaming Laptops Under $1000

Asus computers and parts are trusted by many gamers and for good reason. Gamers tend to beat up their computers and components more than any other type of user. Often times they run their machines longer, and push their components to the max and beyond. For this reason they need parts that are a combination of reliability, performance and affordability and Asus is known to deliver, where others don’t.

Even at the lower price range, Asus laptops have a good shelf life and solid build quality and are among the highest rated laptop brands in both Amazon and Newegg. Most gamers with desktop rigs have at least one Asus component, usually a motherboard or graphics card, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they would be trusted by gamers in the laptop market.

While there are other components and brands that are of equal or higher quality, it thins out considerable when you consider Asus has a very affordable price point, and their cheap gaming laptops are no exception.

Best ASUS Gaming Laptops Under $1000

ASUS VivoBook S500CA-DS71T-CA Ultrabook (15.6-inch, I7-3517U, 6GB DDR3, 500GB HDD+24GB SSD, TOUCH, Windows 8): This ultrabook is all about speed and performance and the 24GB SSD helps with fast booting.

ASUS N56JR-EH71 i7-4700HQ 2.4GHz 15″ Laptop Computer: This gaming laptop boast a nVIDIA Geforce GTX 760M 2GB GDDR5 graphics card, letting you run your games at high settings and enjoy amazing detail and frame rates.

ASUS G75VW-BBK5 2.30GHz-3.30GHz i7-3610QM 8GB 1600MHz 1TB 5400RPM 2GB nVidia GTX 660M FullHD 1080P: This machine balances, speed and power while giving you a great display and future expansion capabilities.

Best Asus Gaming Laptops Under $500

Asus Q400A-BHI7N03 Notebook PC: Despite its price this machine has a dedicated nVIDIA graphics card and i7 Quad core processors with 4GB of ram. Perfect for most casual gamers.

Asus X54C-BBK3 Laptop / Intel Pentium B960 Processor / 15.6″ HD Display / 4GB DDR3 / 320GB Hard Drive – Black: Even though it’s not new tech, this machine s upgradable to 8GB of ram and can be a powerhouse for games like StarCraft or even World of Warcraft.


Top Cheap Gaming Laptops for MMORPG’s

Cheaper laptops tend to have lower overall specs which means that there are games that they are just not suited to. In the case of MMORPG’s this can mean a compromise between stunning beautiful graphics and good game play.

Some of this has to do with your priorities as a gamer. If you are a solo player then sometimes lag won’t be an issue as long as you can still play relatively effectively. You can run decent graphics and still enjoy the game. However the best part of MMO gaming is playing with others. If you are going to participate in groups or guilds then you can’t have lag. You will need to put overall performance above all else, including graphics, when searching for the best cheap gaming laptop for your needs.

Free to Play

Free to play games are growing in popularity because they are growing in quality and value. League of Legends is probably the most popular example of this. The game has a large and extremely competitive community of players. The large character inventory lends itself to a variety of play styles and it has something to offer even the casual gamer.

LoL is technically and MMO, but it is a sub genre referred to as MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena). The free aspect doesn’t mean it was cheaply made. The graphics are beautiful and the game play is as solid as anything out there.

Regardless of your budget or taste there are a lot of great games out there, so don’t feel like you are limited too much by your hardware. Remember that you can always scale back the graphics. The NES classics have taught us that good game play and fun experiences trump everything else.